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service department sucks

A refrigerator was purchased. ABC called to set up a delivery date. I asked for a Saturday because I did not want to take off from work. We agreed upon a Saturday date. I asked for a delivery time and I was told they did not have one. Instead I was given an invoice number to check online. Needless to say my invoice number kept stating not loaded. It is not 6 PM and still no refrigerator or a call from ABC to say it was not going to be delivered. Because this is Corporate and they are closed on the weekend no other store can give me information on delivery.


It is the used car lot of appliances with used car salesmen. As soon as you get out of your car you are hit with the onslaught of slimy sales pitches. The products are inferior as is evident by the Amana washer I recently purchased there. The thing stopped working and now it is like pulling teeth trying to get it fixed....

terrible service

Been a customer of ABC warehouse for a couple of years now and have bought a lot of things from there. When buying my larger purchases I was treated well. I bought my son a stereo for christmas went into Traverse City Michigan store to schedule appointment for FREE install and was given the run around by the manager. He was very rude, and didn't care about giving me that great customer service I thought I deserved. It shouldn't matter if I am spending $200.00 or $2600.00 which I have in the past. I have a very large home that I still need to update appliances in but I refuse to spend one dime of my money here ever again. Sales associates are rude, and don't care about you after they make a sale.


My husband and I went to the ABC Warehouse in Pontiac. The first salesman would not budge on a price and bold face lied to us. We went the next day to look at the same item and decide and the second salesman was nice and worked with us. Now just to get our product.


the service and the the furniture is very very bad

ABC Pizza in Plant City, Fl.

I would like to say this is the best pizza and oven baked subs and greatest salads. My husband and I ate here many times .during 6 yrs living in Plant City,Fl. I am writing to see if or will the company ever come to Albany,Ga? I know the people of Albany would love the restaurant just as much as me and my husband.I hope in the near future some one will scout out Albany,Ga. Thanks, Mary

Avanti freezer

beware the Avanti freezer rebate I bought 2 small freezers from abc warehouse and sent in one rebate Avanti wrote back an state wrong upc code I called Avanti main office told them abc warehouse is 50 miles from me an for the 10$ rebate not worth the drive any way Avanti did nothing just blew me off I wrote a letter to abc main office an explained what happened will up date later


bought a refrigerator there had problems from the first day they cmae to replace the computer and still did not fix the problem come to find out that all they sell is refurbished products ill never buy from them again


went to abc , bought a mattress for my 9 mth preganat wife and its been over a week and still cancelling my deliver date.. so I cancelled my order and they didnt even care.. Macomb Twp, Mi

did not honor their own ad

bought a TV in the afternoon of black Friday. Went home and found a ad for the same tv that was suppose to be on sale that same day. Went back to the store, but they would not honor the ad. Gave me the choice of keep it or return it. TV had the same numbers as on the ad. Manager said he "couldn"t sell it to me at the sale price". I returned it. Canton store

Went to Best Buy this evening to purchase a microwave. They would not remove the item from the box and didn't have any on display. They had no desire to help us spend our $. We went across the street to ABC Warehouse (Novi, Michigan) and met Christian Newby a Sales Associate. He was professional, helpful and kind. We bought the microwave right away. Thanks to whomever hired this young man. He was a true asset to your organization!

I read your post and wished I'd wrtietn it

It really boils down to your ppleoe skills. The smart' thing to do while you are in college is to get some education courses under your belt in addition to your major. Thus, as soon as you are ready to graduate, you could land a gig as a school teacher. Middle and High Schools especially. A teaching credential is a nice thing to have as a back up job.Government gigs are also a good suggestion. They will hit the mid 20s to mid 30s right out of college but you will have to bring something to the table. County and City government are good; state and federal is better. Plus, if your grades are really solid they will be looking to recruit you as well.Just list what you want to do on some paper, and either do some job shadowing or an internship during the summer. Find out through checking at your library or on line about job descriptions. Your state unemployment career center would have some great information as well on current trends.We are in a recession. You must be flexible to find the career path that is good for you. In reality, just having the degree is a major step in the competion for jobs. Have several back up options!

EXTENDED WARRANTY REBATE IS NOT A REBATE!! These "rebate" offers are naturally made with stipulations that makes the sale look sweet but will unlikely cost the business selling the product a penny. First, since time will pass, they hope you will forget about it and of course there is also a 90 day window. You wait 3 years; There is a 90 day window; You have to have not misplaced your paperwork after that time and must remember or be aware of the time frame. The sales person does not tell you about the time frame and since you can't find your paperwork to read the extremely tiny print, you don't know about the 90 day window. How many people will forget or not be able to find their paperwork within the time frame? ABC Warehouse is COUNTING on you not remembering or finding your paperwork until it is too late. For those people that do keep on their toes, ABC Warehouse has figure out how to handle THOSE people anyway. WHAT THE SALES PERSON PURPOSELY NEGLECTS TO TELL YOU AT THE TIME OF THE SALE, IT IS NOT AND EFFING REBATE ANYWAY! I WAS TOLD I WOULD GET A PERCENTAGE BACK BUT IT IS ONLY APPLIED AS STORE CREDIT ON YOU NEXT MAJOR APPLIANCE PURCHASE!! WHAT A CROCK!! THE SALES PERSON OR SHOULD I SAY, THE SALES SCUMBAG WILL NOT TELL YOU THAT!! THEY DELIBERATELY LEAD YOU TO BELIEVE IT IS A CASH BACK REBATE WHEN IT IS NOT!! YOU HAVE TO BUY SOMETHING AND YOU GET A DISCOUNT!! EFF OFF AND DIE!!!

I bought a mattress at your Southfield location about 6 months ago spent a lot of money on that matressess and it's sinking in on both sides some came out and inspected the matress and said that he could see the big difference in the way in the it was sinking and today I talked with mike lynch and he told me basically fuck me and my problems it's nothing he could do and that bull be cause me or my husband can even sleep in the bed because we are having back troubles so my medical is no concern to mike lynch and I think that is the worst customer service I have ever experienced in my life and I was told by a lot of people not to shop at abc warehouse because they have the worst customer service ever so I will not be returning to your extablishment in the future because I feel u should be able to do something for me.and I will let ever one I know not to shop there either

A minus 0 is the rating that ABC Warehouse on Ford Rd. in Canton, Mich. deserves. I was there tonight to purchase a cable that was priced at $14.99. Stood in line for 15 minutes waiting to pay for it, 1 couple in front of me being waited on. A lady behind the counter finally ask if she could help me and started to ring my sale up when one of the salesmen walked behind the counter, said something to her -which I could not hear - then She laid down the cable in the counter and walked behind another counter. I ask her if she was going to ring my purchase up and she said no the that I would have to wait for the guy waiting on the couple that was in front of me. While two other guys started ringing up two different customers that were behind me,in fact the one came in the store behind me. These two customers were buying large flat screen tv's. When I laid it down and started to walk out then they ask "can I help you?". Of course my answer was I wasn't good enough for you to ring up my purchase a second ago it was important to take the sales of customers behind me with tv's. I'll go somewhere where they want my business even if tonight is just for a cable. This store maybe in my back yard but I'll go elsewhere. My husband and I were looking at another tv, a high priced stove and a Webber grill. ABC Warehouse just lost those sales. Plus I will tell everyone I know how I was treated tonight. Believe me people were not beating down the doors to get in there. When they treat enough people bad and they close the store then maybe they will remember how they treated their customers.

0 stars, rude customer service at Toledo,Ohio Reynolds location. will NEVER shop here again.. NOT EVER. was about to make a high end purchase, i canceled and went to home depot.

I have no problems with the refrigerator I purchased from the Madison Heights, MI store. I DO have a problem with the salesman, Gary Thompson, who promised financing terms of 12 months same as cash. When I received my receipt, terms were 6 months. He claimed he had noticed that and would change it right away. A month later, they still weren't changed. I went into the store to see him since he wasn't returning my calls. He looked it up in the computer and assured me terms had been changed the week before. They never were changed. The fridge was paid off in 6 months and they have lost 2 customers at the very least. I'll stick to Best Buy.

I am sitting inside of the for mentioned abc warehouse on Reynolds rd. Toledo Ohio . Good news store took partial responsibility for my damages and are currently attempting to repair the first amateurish install. Bad news...well where do I start...let's see. Well first I have to let the same guys back into my vehicle. Also I was basically told that they would take no responsibility for my property (iPhone) that was completely destroyed somehow during the first botched install. They say the sound is a result of bad wiring even though the factory radio was in the dash when I brought it in playing just fine. I just wish people would take responsibility when they mess up. This is what's wrong with these sorts of places now they put there customer first until they get your money. I am so upset that the store manager just blew off what I said and told me his guys wouldn't do that. This must be some sort of company line because that's exactly what I was told Tuesday night. No questioning of employees or viewing of film. Just my guys wouldn't do that....thanks mr. see-er of all things

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