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I purchase my items then gave clerk my lottery form to play she had it back to me quickly saying something and she was not speaking a word of english did not understand a word of it.She sudden said next i said your not finish with me yet. the woman basicly ignore me then roll her eyes. I said can I speak to the manager the manager assist me immediately and I was very satified with his service. The women should be fired for her lack of cusomer service she just did not care at all and her behavior was awful i will no longer go there store this indcident took place to day 10/21/2010 at 10:18am location, 1850 M. Street Washington DC 20036 #34321. I will sent a detail letter to Vice Prident Mr. Bill Engen about her awful behavior and there were about 20 witness and two employees and the store manager. My cell 202-577-9781

****Open Letter to Corporate Office of 7-11*** It is a sad day when you are told you about to lose your job because they are selling the store and the new people buying the store don't want to pay you or give you benefits. All the other corporate stores are gone, no place to go. Does Joe Depinto really know whats going on? Does he know that good people who have work for the company for years are being kick to the corner being told to bad too sad. I know of several people who are on the verge of being umemployed as it is being told to them ("find a home or beg for work for the new owner), not our problem. In Colorado Springs alone there are no jobs to be had and you have to fight like pitbulls for the few jobs with 100 other people applying for the same job.I am not a racist or a bigot but the people buying the stores are anti-American and I have heard some comments made my the store operaters who buy the stores that the American people are stupid, stupid people. Some of my friends have heard very racist remarks and the people making these remarks don't care. As long as they paid what's due 7-11 and all 7-11 wants to see is the money. Joe goes on national tv as Undercover Boss, claims he is the man of the people that he cares about his people. Gives a store to a driver makes himself look good by helping those wonderful people who were stuggling to get by. So how about your people in Colorado Springs? Who have spend years cleaning yours stores, selling you products and making money for the store and gone to great lengths to make the store look good, by cleaning nasty bathrooms getting on their hands and knees doing the floors. Only to be told sorry we are selling the store and we don't care want you done all these years.The holidays are coming and what are these poor people suppose to do? No job, no money to pay the bills, lose their homes and go live in a homeless shelter. I

I recently went to 711 in hauppague ny and was charged $2.30 for a cup of 24 oz coffee. I then went to another 711 down the block the next day and got a cup of coffee a 24oz for $1.88. I asked the guy why? he said it is illegal and they didnt raise the prices yet so he was stealing. I am bringing this up with corporate and very upset about that.

7 eleven has been in business a long time . But so was Woolworths and Circuit City. The customer service is almost non existent at 7 eleven. The Iranians and Arabs that are hired to work in the stores hate Americans. And the actions of their behavior show it. I am a walking advertisment telling everybody nation wide, STAY AWAY FROM 7 eleven. Some day, 7 eleven will go out of business.

I was talked to very bad at one if your stores at 2607 Stemmion Freeway ,Dallas,Tx. The store owner ran out on me and said real nasty things to me,all for using the Womens restroom because someone was in the mens restroom.and I had to use it very bad couldn't hold it.Now I was a paying custmer was getting 10 bucks in gas also,but changed my mind when the yelled out. How they own the store and the can do what they want to.Must say the make 7-11 look very bad by treating people like this.Will tell everyone I know not to go there.

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