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I have been trying to buy stamps from the 7-Eleven store located at Mississippi & Uvalda, in Aurora, Colorado, for WEEKS! I've been shopping at this store for 12 years and never have they run out of stamps for more than a day or two. The first day I asked for stamps, I was told, "We're out." I asked, "Will you have them tomorrow?" Reply: "Probably not. It's a matter of when we have TIME to go to the post office." I asked, "Do you know WHEN you WILL have stamps?" Reply: "No." How is that helpful? There is a MoneyTree store only 1/2 block from this store. I realize that some payday loan stores inflate the price of stamps, but MoneyTree sells them at the regular price. I have called the 7-11 store three times to advise these unfriendly people that they can buy stamps at MoneyTree. Yet, every time I call to see if stamps are available, I get a different excuse... This is NOT my only complaint! The newest employees at this particular store are UNFRIENDLY and UNHELPFUL. From now on, I'll go out of my way to shop elsewhere. WHo want to pay 7-Eleven's inflated prices anyway?! I am sooooo done with 7-Eleven!!!

To Whom It May Concern, On May 20, 2012 at approximately 1030-1130pm I went to store number 28903 on 1310 Fenwick Lane Silver Spring MARYLAND 209103553 to shop for several items. These items are as follows: A large bag of Tortilla Chips, a jar of salsa, (2) Arizona RX Energy canned drinks, a Magnum ice cream bar and a snickers almond bar. As I am at the counter making my purchase, the 7-11 employee asks me do I need a plastic bag. It struck me as odd that she would even have to ask as she sees all these considerable volumnous and bulky items on the counter. I respond in the affirmative and kindly ask her could she please double-bag my purchase as I am walking and would not want the bag to tear. She responds that an extra bag would cost me five cents. Never in all the myriad times that I have ever patronized 7-11 have I ever been charged for an extra bag. But the kicker is this: that she could visibly see that the one bag was not sufficient for all the items I had purchased and still insisted upon five cents for an extra bag was beyond absurd. The other 7-11 employee in the back came to the front echoing the first and responded that 'it's how it is!'. I go back later the next morning to speak with a morning staff employee at the same 7-11 and ask him when did they start charging for extra bags at 7-11. He responds January 1, 2012 by approval/ordinance of Montgomery county. I'm only left to ask 7-Eleven Corporate Headquarters how enforceable is this law by each and every 7-11 employee each and every time since this arbitrary date of January 1, 2012. Before I press this further over discrimination, these two night staff employees were ethiopian. I wonder if they have charged their fellow ethiopian citizens 5 cents for an extra bag just to reasonably fortify a bulky purchase? I wonder if they have charged every single caucasian 5 cents for an extra bag just to reasonably fortify a bulky purchase? I wonder if they have charged police officers for extra bags to reasonably fortify a bulky purchase? Even as police officers are public servants and may not normally get charged,I'm a US Federal employee with all the same rights and privileges for at least not being charged for a bag needed for the purchase. These two female employees were very snug, indifferent, and nonchalant as if they were so just in the matter. It's the principle of the matter that makes me livid the most! I need a response and an immediate resolution to this matter or I will sue 7-11 for discrimination and extortion. Its one thing to apply this rule across the board for every one as a mandate/ordinance; its indeed another to deny a customer proper bagging in order to secure their purchase as they have patronized your business for many years. If the store camera for store 28903 were to be obtained for evidence over the period of their arbitrary date of January 1, 2012, each and every employee at store 28903 would be in violation of this alleged ordinance by the county. I am a veteran who has defended the liberties of this country and this is the thanks I get? You are going to treat me like a second-class citizen and you don't even have citizenship yourself?! My people were defending their civil liberties at one time and now I'm the victim of their discrimination!!! Please email me a response and resolution to this matter at crucible19@gmail.com asap or I'm prepared to take this higher until I GET A FEASIBLE AND SUITABLE RESOLUTION TO THIS MATTER.

The seven-eleven on Atlantic and South Carolina Ave. of Atlantic city if full of incompetent workers. Trying to buy a prepaid card and use my debit card as a credit card, the employee tell me that he can only sell me the card if I use debit. So at first I go ok, fine debit then. I decide to buy 4 cards. He scans each 1 and ask me to pay for each 1, meaning i have to punch my pin for each card. How stupid can they be. I ask him not to do that and scan all card so I can pay at the same time and also not punch my pin in 4 time is public. He refuse and gave me so BS rule that the company only allows to buy it with debit and 1 at a time. With me mad I only end up buying the 1 he scan in first. After this I do not feel like going to 7-11 ever again. I rather drive a mile away to a WAWA then go to 7-11.


The store owner or worker backed up in to my car last week (9th street and bell phx az)and is refusing to communicate with his insurance company! If he can't even do that I don't trust anything in that store.

7-Eleven #34720 702 E Tri State Tlwy, South Holland, ILL 60473The store at night has one employee the women that works night is always late, she smells, always is in the back rolling cigarettes while she is working, how can u be 3hrs late then sit and sleep leaving the other guy to work by his self

Your 7-Eleven Store # 22088 required pre-pay to pump gas; I went into the store and provided the clerk, Aaron Nelson, Asst. Mgr., $50. I went out, pumped $32.50 and went back in the store to retrieve the balance of the $50 I prepaid and my cash receipt. I was given $17.50 back but the clerk said he could not give me a receipt. I said WHAT! I need a receipt with your station and address listed for repayment purposes, he said sorry, I can't, it won't allow me to create the receipt. I explained that I was doing a job for someone and needed a formal receipt for the gas pumped so I could be reimbursed; he said I can't help you. I asked for the name of the owner, he said there isn't one, it's a corporate station. He then gave me the number of the corporate office, (972) 828-7011 and then gave me his store number, 22088. Ugh, what a joke... I wonder if this 7-Eleven gas station is trying to avoid sales tax or perhaps something even more sinister. I will never shop or purchase gasoline here ever again!!

Please bring your Slurpee/ Hot food rack goodness to the Evansville, IN area! All the convienience stores in this town are lacking your all inclusive plethora of food & fuel. Hope to god someone reads this!

Your store at 112th and Colorado in Thornton CO is a rip off. They advertise one price on cigarettes and ring another. Take your stores and shove them I'll never step into another one.

What can i do when looks like not pretty girl & bahasa shout at me over fithty "lain kali tenguk betul betul dulu" when i request to change cigars sweet vanila to sweet cherry because the scanner already set in the bill.what can i do? my blood sudden high to ask whats your name "Syuhada" Gemas 7E.

i live in richmond,va and live pretty close to our 7-11 on lakeside and hillard road. we usually go in alot because my little one loves slurpees but it has gotten to be extremely disgusting everytime we go in. the machines, the floors and the whole store is just extremely disgusting. its not clean at all. the people that work there is extremely rude with no respect. my little one also about about a month ago got his finger stuck in the door jam and not one employee came to check on him. they didnt even care. i had a customer come to me to check on him. his finger was nasty, swollen and i thought for sure was broken. i called later that day to speak to a manger because i rushed him to the ER to get it checked and the manager didnt even want to fill out an incident report. he told me that its the parents responsiblity to watch the children. i was it wasnt like he was running around alone, we were simply coming in the door when this happen. i just dont go to this 7-11 anymore. there is no respect and the happy faces at this place. if they dont like their job then maybe they shouold look for something different away from the public.

7-11 store located on the 16th street mall, Denver, Co. Staff in the store are participating in criminal activity. Passing tainted products to individuals and allowing Targeted Individual's passwords; passwords to credit cards, debit cards and quest cards to be obtained by criminals for the expressed pupose of stealing funds from individual accounts. I believe the individuals in that particular store to be scammers. Individuals in that store need to be investigated, or at the very least monitored. Staff within 7-11 on the 16 Street Mall, work ethics leave much to be desired.

I went to the 7-Eleven store located at the Culver Plaza in Irvine, CA at 4:58 P.M on September 11, 2011, intending to redeem a coupon for a free medium sized slurpee. I was really disappointed when the clerk at the register denied my coupon, but on top of that, he started to give me an attitude. I wasn't expecting to have to pay because of my free coupon, so I didn't bring any money. The clerk was all upset and started arguing why I didn't bring any money. All I replied was that the coupon was to be redeemed at all participating U.S. 7-Eleven stores and that the coupon worked because I had used another coupon that I had the week before. I am really upset with the customer service of this particular clerk at this location and I hope that the Corporate Offices will do something about this.

I also never complain but today was horrific, I RSVP for my slurpee but when i got to the store, they were charging the mothers for the slurpees because they ran out of lids. Today, they were suppose to be free! One lady was in there stating that she had been to several different stores and got nothing but excuses! I read the email and I know it says while supplies last; however, why would they charge for the slurpee just because they ran out of lids??????????????????????????? I do not have any kids, but to see the look on there disappointed faces, kinda bothered me! I am in Dallas, Tx where the heat has reached 110 degrees. I do not understand why you would have such a promotion if the stores will not abide by the rules of the promotion. I am very disappointed in the way the clerks handled the situation; they did not seem to care. This store was located on Buckner at Samuell in Dallas, Tx. sign disappointed

your store on Belvedere and Military trail i would never go back there again 3cashiers could not speak english and didn;t understand not one word please if you like hiring people who don;t speak english or understand what you want send them to school to learn. or hire american people who are out of work 711 your stores have gone to hell and a few years back i have worked for your company what a shame you all made it go to hell with no respect

Over a period of 5 months on ten separate occasions....I go to 7-11 #10743 to use my Foodstamp ebt card...and they STILL tell me that "the Ebt machine is 'Broken'" They Refuse to accept Ebt cards(by refusing to fix the ebt machine)The very fact that they have the machine there...is evidence that they're supposed to make/accept ebt card transactions....I'm tired of having to walk 45 minutes to the other 7-11 to get a soda,...when there's a 7-11 in close proximity to where i live! 7-11 Store #10743 is obviously making up their own rules. How come None of the other 7-11's are having this problem? Are they gonna fix the ebt machine Or Not?

Your Seven Eleven Store located at 701 Gorman Avenue, Laurel, Maryland employs staff that don't have a clue about customoer service. On two occasions when I wanted to purchase lottery tickets, your staff on duty just ignored me. On both occasions, when the line of customers diminished, the clerk did not wait on me. He just ignored me and waited for more customers to proceed to the counter. Once the customer (s) came to the counter, I just continued waiting. I am not certain if this is a cultural phenonmenon or just down right rude behavior. If I was standing in waiting 5 minutes before the customer even came into the store and then have to wait another 3 minutes as that customer is being handled,then it mean that your store clerk is either intentionally or carelessly ignoring me. None is acceptable. Again - this store is located at 301 Gorman Avenue, Laurel, Maryland.

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