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I thought it might be helpful to point out how bad the management is at the Temecula facility, but after reading all the above comments about other facilities it seems clear that this is a corporate-wide problem and apparently any such observations will fall on deaf ears. Consequently I guess it would make more sense to spend my time on more productive endeavors. When I told the Temecula manager that I was going to lodge a complaint against him he just laughed and said "it won't do any good; they'll just forward it to me." I see now how he is probably right and the corporation is so big they simply don't care.

I was one of the first people to join the new gym on McLoughlin in Portland. My first member # was JD23262. I joined in late August of 2009. They put me on the monthly dues payment program without telling me of other options. So I was paying $49/month for over a year before another member told me they paid $300 cash for their membership. So I paid $600 or more for the same membership and none of the employees told me I could get a membership for half that price. I spoke to the manager about it and he told me from Dec. 15 I could do the cash membership. At the end of November I went to the gym one evening and was told by the person at the counter that my membership was canceled and I was not allowed in. Besides the fact that this person was extremely rude, even threatening to call the police if I didn't leave, he had no idea that yellow on the computer meant that the membership was still in effect or that the manager and I had spoken and I was good to go until Dec. 15. I spoke to the manager again after that and confirmed that I had a valid membership until Dec. 15 (for which I had already paid). I also told the manager about the rude employee and was told that he was a new hire; but in fact, he had been there for at least a year. In addition, there was no apology at all for the treatment I had received. I was told that the employee acted that way toward everyone. Is that the kind of customer service you want to be known for? The next day I was given another excuse, that the employee hadn't known that my membership was still good. This is just bad training. He should have spoken to his manager first and gotten the correct information instead of threatening to call the police. I paid cash for my new membership on Dec. 22 only to find out that it was now $399. The manager didn't even attempt to try to correct the situation. He said I had two choices: either pay the $399 or go to another gym. I realize you have thousands of members, so losing one member doesn't affect your business, but is that the kind of business you want to run? Without having been given the option of the $300 membership and paying $399 for a new membership, I've paid $1000 for a little over a year. As you can imagine, I'm not happy. I would think 24-Hour Fitness could at the very least give me my new membership for the old dues of $300, as well as refund part of the money I paid in excess when I had no idea there was a much cheaper 1-year cash option, not to mention being treated like a criminal at the front desk. I had been looking forward to joining the gym when I found out it was being built and when I joined, I enjoyed going not only to work out but to relax. Because of the treatment I received regarding both the membership dues and the attitude of the employee at the front desk and the manager, I don't enjoy going as much as I used to, even though I renewed my membership. You need to take a hard look at your employee training methods and do right by the people who are keeping you in business. Taka Saito

I workout in the La Mesa 24 Hout Sport fittness, Grossmont Center, about three times a week. The staff arn't very customer oriented. I've asked many mornings that just one of the TV's be set to a the Fox news channel while I was on the tread mill. Most the time the reply to my request is "remote is in the managers office" This morning I asked the same and the attendant said she would try to. The manager was there, but the channel was never change in the forty-five minutes I was on the mill. I did watch the Direct TV's test pattern for 35 minutes and then some sports program came on. I asked the lady at the counter if she asked the manger to change the channel and she replyed that Jennifer was to busy and she would get to it later. (they thought I would treadmill all day)I asked to see he and she came right out after a eight(8) minute waits on my part.(she jumps right on a customer problem)I asked this manager (Jenifer)why she had ot changed the channel and she gave all so busy excusses. My assesment was they just don't care about the customer requests no matter how small. She also told me their requirment is they only have to have a news channel playing, and CCN was on, requirment fulfilled. Great, my guess is, they don't need the bussiness.

24 hour fitness club has a new cardless check in system that is abusive, intrusive & outright illegal.It is an invasion on your privacy. We all need to unite & defeat the over reach by them. They can provide us the card with photo ID and the address & with the member no. No other private institutions require these type of ID.

24 HR Fitness, 4200 Chino Hills Parkway, Suite 780 Chino Hills, CA 91709 phone# (909)393-0724. I have been a member for approximately 20 years. I have been to many of your gyms. This one in my home town of Chino Hills is the worst! I had a total hip replacement in April 2010. I have been going to this gym for about 2 or 3 years. I specifically use the pool and spa to rehabilitate my hip. Because of hard work and determination, I was able to return to work July 1st. For the past 3 weeks the spa at the Chino Hills facility has not been operating properly. I have repeatedly asked the front desk when it was going to get fixed and I was told we are working on it. The first week, the spa was not working properly for 7 days. Two weeks later I spoke to the manager on duty for approximately half an hour. I also let him know the some of the showers had poor water pressure and not spraying properly. He said we are working on it, but after three weeks the condition has not improved. I have been an employee for The So. CA Gas Company for the past 25 years in Customer Service and take take pride in my work to provide excellent Customer Service. Someone needs to visit this gym to see what I am talking about as it would appear they do not take pride in this facility. I need the spa to be repaired as it is important part of my workouts to continue to strengthen the area post-surgery. My membership dues are paid on time but I don't feel I am receiving all this gym has to offer as not all of the equipment is fully operational. Could someone please have this facility checked out and have these matters rectified

I want to commend employee, front desk rep. Donovan Smith at the Costa Mesa 24 hour fitness Club 121 for the great job he has been doing. He is an active worker and handles the public with pleasant demeanor. Whenever he sees someone who needs help, I noticed he is there for the clients. Donovan Smith is definitely an asset for 24 Hr Fitness corporation.

I belong to the gym in Altadena ca. It is close to the house which is the only reason I belong. The management is a weak support for our community. I have attempted to talk to them about various problems in this gym. They blame our community. They do not make sure members bring towels. They do not educate new members about time limits on machines. Resulting in various issues amongst the members. If upon an enrollment they let the members know these things it would be a much smoother workout for everyone.posting signs would also be helpful. The gym is dirty most of the time. These are very simple issues to address. I own a salon here in town, it has on more than one occasion been the topic of discussion in my workplace. It was also discussed on our Altadena blog. Your company is missing out on a lot of business,due to these ongoing discussions. Another member and I today talked about contacting main office in order to see if that can get us any results. I have visited the gym in Carlsbad, it was a clean and well run gym. We obviously need a management team like that. We don't really need excuses. It is extremely obvious to many of us what the real problems of this gym are. Not that difficult to correct.There are a lot of very good people in this community. You're missing the boat. Susann Edmonds

Im 34 years old and i go to wilshire branch in Los Angeles California. I want to inform you that the branch is in bad conditions. Weights are left on the floor constantly and anyone can trip and fall. The bathrooms are in bad conditions. It an health hazard. Im writing for a change. If i dont see any changes in the bathroom conditions im contacting my attorney and im calling the health dept. Sincere York Los Angeles, CA

Is it legal to ask for your fingerprint each time you go to the gym? I think it is an invasion of privacy. I am having a lawyer check into this as I will not submit myself to giving my fingerprint for identification when I have a membership card that they can scan.

I assumed that Mark Mastroy is still CEO of 24 Hour Fitness. How can I write him directly regarding a grievance I have with one of his branches in the San Francisco bay area? I am 73 years old and go to 24 Hour Fitness daily - now that I am retired, it is my social as well as my 2 hour exercise hour. I love "mixing it up" with the youngsters and find that we have much in common - the fact that working out at 24 Hour Fitness is not only physically beneficial, but even more important, mentally beneficial for young and old alike. I do have one grievance with the way my branch is being run, and I would like to write Mr. Mastroy directly on it. As I said, I am retired, 73 years old - a former banker, very well educated (Andover, Wesleyan, Harvard B School), and I think my letter directly to him is something he would find beneficial in improving the 24 Hour Fitness operation overall. Thank you, Daniel Woodhead, III San Fancisco June 10, 2010

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