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It's sad when a Health Club, doesn't look at the total cleanliness of its facility. I belong to 24 Hour Fitness in Austin, Texas, and I have complained to the manager twice about the fact that there are not enough cleaning stations, they don't enforce the rule about a workout towel, they don't enforce any cleaning habits, consequently people workout, sweat all over a machine and walk away, leaving those of us who care about our health to clean the machine before and after you use it. I also have concern about the spread of germs at the new fingerprint check in, the platen on the device is never cleaned, and there is no alcohol nearby to clean it before you use it, on top of this, it takes so many attempts before it recognizes my fingerprint, that I could have signed a book, or they could have supplied magnetic cards that you swipe instead of this filthy form of check in. I have complained that people workout in the group workout room without towels, as well and they don't seem to clean off the mats once they've used them. I've complained that there is always water all over the mens restroom area, and that faucets are loose, it does not good. I've checked with the State of Texas Department of Health, and sadly they claim they do not regulate "gyms" and neither does the County Health Department, which is why they can get away with this behavior, no one regulates them. I was told the only option in Texas is to go the Secretary of State, where they must get a license number and try and get a refund. I have spent a good part of my life in gyms and working out, and sadly everytime I walk into my 24 Hour Fitness club, I am sickened by what I see. I don't even know if this is going to help, or if the Corporation reads this listing, because I even sent a letter to the Customer Relations Department at Corporate, and guess what? No answer.

I've been a member for over 20 years. I was advised of the class action lawsuit but opted out. I paid for access to all gyms, then they built a new gym and moved us all there but they made it a one gym only membership without refunding me. Only the lawyers won in the class action because the remedy was that I get to pay an additional $5 a month for what I had already paid for so I sent in the opt out option. Now we are being rudely assaulted each visit with the news we have to give our fingerprint. First the warning was we would just have to stand in line and wait. OK. Then it was they wanted our phone number. OK. This week it was my birthdate and bring in your driver's license. No good morning, have an enjoyable visit, just give me your birthdate. When I said I wasn't giving personal information (good grief, they have it obviously) she loudly called out my birthdate for the entire lobby to hear. Each visit they are making up some new punishment for noncompliant members. I asked if they were supplying a secure place to keep a license if it was now a requirement because they aggressively tell members not to bring in items of value but of course they won't. A CA supreme court decision ruled that businesses can't even ask for zip codes. How they are getting away with this is beyond me. We have other gyms in the area. I'm giving them a visit.

hi my name is faustino i went to 24 hr fitness gym 03/16/2011 at 9pm in the city of lancaster cal its my first time going in with one of my friends that has a membership i wannet to try it out when i showed my matricula consular id from mx which i got in immigration in los angeles they refused to let me in they said we dont take mexican id and you cannot have a membership very bad customer service i was going to pay one yr for the gym but they refuse my service

I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness Memphis, Tn and we really need manage ment to clean the place up.

If you can find how to touch base with the Corporate PR person(s) you're a better person than I. Ocean Ranch 24hr club is clean and from my perspective is well run, offering a variety of exercise possibilities. Today after 4 yrs of going there 2-3x/wk. I experienced a filthy, smelly pool which is not the standard I'm use to and highly unusual with potentially a unwanted health hazard. Is 24hr liable when offering a pool for swimming and possibly harboring a pool environment that could expose swimmers to infectious organisms? I let the staff know of this situation and now I'm letting the Corporate folks know as well. I'm certain at least at this facility there is good quality control, but not in this instance.

I purchased a $99 gift card. It is advertised on 24 Hour Fitness web. The information on the web states Good for 90 day one club sport membership. It does not say "toward a membership". The 24 Hour Fitness in Fairfield, CA would not honor the card. They said it was good for products only or $30.00 could be applied to purchasing a membership. It goes not make an sense, and that was from the manager. That is false adverting. It is apparent why some of the managers lack customer service skills, because the corporate office does not care (from the other complaints). Excellant/poor customer service starts from the top and rolls down hill.

I and my family have been with 24hr fitness in La Mirada on Beach Blvd right from the time of inception of that club ie almost 10 years. Just recently I learnt that my friend got her annual membership renewed for $ 84. Whereas for my annual membership has been $ 149. I requested the corporate staff who referred me to the club manager, Mike to look into this matter, but in vain. Firstly he did not bother to return my calls (3) on top of it he mentioned that he does not negotiate. I was not asking him to negotiate but to just be fair with the customers who have a long standing. I mean a customer who is a 24hr fitness member for 10 years should be given some preference against a customer who has been a member for only 2 years. It went other way round. Also their attitude and tone of talking to customers is very rude. Well he has definately lost my family membership. With this attitude they will definately lose good customers. I hope the corporate office looks into this personally. Dated 2/27/11

Facility @City of Industry is horrible - Jacuzzi is always "out of service" !!women's locker room is dirty, showers are clogged.. Dry sauna & steam room are dirty!! It's horrible and considering it is a new facility!!

Love 24 hour fitness. All the clubs carry the equipment I need to get the best workout possible. Why is it that u fat people always have time to complain about life and what's wrong with it. If u took half the time you put into your blog as you do in your workout you would live a happier life. And the rates of membership you should look into it yourself. Take some responsibility and look it up yourself they have. This new search engine called the internet google it for Christ sake. Stop whining about lost money u probably spent more on fast food in the past 6 months then u did on the gym. Remember push ups and ur crunchs and that bitter is the secret to life

Been a member since forever and I was a part of a class action lawsuit against 24 hour fitness. The creation of "Sport" facilities was designed to segregate members like me. Members paying $5 a month because I had the foresight to sign up so long ago. The lawsuit forced them to allow access and once the case settled, they supposedly sent out letters for those of us involved to bring in to redeem. I never got one. It never arrived. I called in today and they now say, "Sorry, it expired". How convenient. The judgment was that it was a wrong practice for what 24hr Fitness was doing. There's no time limit on this. It's still wrong and I still have not received my "form". Now they will not honor the ruling with me. It's wrong and a few key strokes could fix this, but they won't do it. Sad to loyal members like myself being handled like this over a technicality.

The Carrollton, Texas gym on Trinity mills and Frankford is the worst in all DFW area, they have bad customer service, the front desk manager sits there and gossips with the other front desk employees as soon as any members walk through and check in. This front desk managers name is Malorie, she has the worst attitude especially with the females, she is quick with the men, her attitude stinks and don't understand why she has the position she has. Walks around the gym like she owns the place or is probably sleeping with the gym manager, they are always so chummy. This Malorie girl has had many people complain about her yet she is still there, why???!!!!!!! Customer service is the worst as soon as you walk in the door you feel the negative tension at this gym!!!!!

First of all, I have been a member of 24 fitness for over 5 years and enjoy working out daily as it has become a routine. I love interacting and treat others around me with utmost respect. I upgraded my account about 7 months ago because I loved 24 Sport fitness in Vista, California. The staff there, run by Jessie treats members like family and keep the gym in tip top shape. Other workers who are greatly appreciated are David Sapp, Brie H, Robin M, Tyler Delbert and Chris who make every experience well received. However, this is a complaint letter to 24 fitness San Marcos, as I recently had a bad communicative experience with an employee there named Mike. As a communications grad student at CSUSM and CSUS, I have extensive knowledge of communication and find that this employee exhibited none what so ever. As being a member for over 5 years and recently obtained a 7 day free pass, and wanted to spend time with my father. I explained that my dad was probably not going to sign up, but I wanted to enjoy a day with him at the gym. This counselor was called to the front desk, did not even smile, but rather grinned and approached with a negative attitude looking down on me as if I was some kid and not his equal. He then told me to let me do his job after I told him the situation. After he waltzed away with his shoulders and chest sticking out like some bully in high school the other front desk woman apologized for his actions! This moment was ruined as I even told my father not to even bother coming to the gym.

I have belonged to the Coral Springs, Florida gym since before it became a 24 hour fitness several years ago. In that time I have seen the gym's quality decline in every respect. Machines are broken, the gym isn't cleaned, the bathrooms are filthy, there are holes in the walls, there's broken glass on the walls, carpet is coming off the floors and walls. The place just gets worse and worse.

They suck ,got a five day pass and when it ended they told me i could go for two more days no worries,went in on 6th day and they asked me if i was ready to sign up and i said yes, can you guys match Costco price of $300.00 dollars for 2 years and they said no and i said ok ill go through Costco then, they then told me i could no longer use the gym cause my pass was not good anymore, i said you guys told me i could use it for 2 more days what up with that, all they said was sorry u cant work out here.so basically since i was going through Costco and not one of their sales people they were punks with me.Guess ill be going to Ballys

I’m writing this letter to file discrimination compliant. I was at the 24H Fitness in 500 N. Atlantic Blvd. Suite A-102-1 Monterey Park, CA. 91754. On Jan. 18, 2011 roughly around 8 pm, I was approached by Andrea Owitz/Trainer. She told me that gym bags are not allow on the floors and should be placed in the lockers during workouts. I did have short dialogue with her regarding the matter; however I respectfully did as I was told and placed my gym bag in the locker. I did mention that hopefully this rule was enforced to everyone and not just to me. She agreed, I told her that if I saw anyone with a bag on the floor that night that I will approach her and she mentioned that she will enforce the rule. Five minutes later I saw an Asian male in gym with a gym bag such as myself. I approached Andrea with news and nothing happen. I went to front desk and explain the situation and one of girls mentioned that they will address the issue. Which they did, however 5 minutes later I saw a Caucasian male with a gym bag on the floor. I approach the front desk and asked for a manager this time. I got Mike Garay and again explain the situation and according to him he was going to take care of the situation. I was in the gym for 30-40 minutes and no 24HR Fitness member approached the Caucasian male with the gym bag. This is pure discrimination. So looks like Asian are not allow to have a gym bag in the gym and Caucasian can. There was plenty of witness as well. Please explain to me if this is standard operation procedure for 24HR Fitness. If this is the case I will gladly give up my membership. I been with the Army for 4 years and serve my country proudly and never once got discriminated during my active service. I’m a citizen of the Unite States for 20 years now and I expect to be treated equally and impartial. I’ve been a member with LA Fitness for 8 years before I switch to 24HR Fitness and I never got discriminated at LA Fitness. I want 24H Fitness to address this issue ASAP. My next complaint will be with the “Better Business Bureau”

I am a member at the 24 hour in the Woodlands on Lake Woodlands Dr. I pay my dues every month, and It is getting a little tiresome, that either the pool is cloudy, too cold to get in, the locker rooms are dirty, and that includes the showers and the bathrooms, or the pool when we do get in is too crowded to do our workouts. There is a need for another class.

very disapoianted in the staff at a few different clubs ive been to feel like its an invaston off privacey to ask for my fingerprint to use a club when i have a membership card is it leagel to ask for my fingerprint invasion off privacey

As a charter member, I must say that the West Hollywood Club is handled by people who care not.

As a charter member, I must say that the West Hollywood Club is handled by people who care not. Not only have they taken away our teachers that we follow, but have axed our classes as well. Spinning classes in the morning before work? No, they put them at 9:30 am. Great management... Weekend classes requested to be re-instated as the club reopens? NO! We all have waited 3 months patiently and are once again tossed out without consideration. You have got to be kidding. This club is absurd. Most clubs listen to their PAID membership/

Horrible! The jacuzzi spa facility in Chino Hills location (4200 Chino Hills Parkway, Suite 780 Chino Hills, CA 91709 ) has been broken over 2 months. Some of the employee told me that the manager / owner does not any plan to fix it. If it is true, this will be a worst gym.

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