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MEYERLAND, HOUSTON TEXAS - gym has completely deteriorated complaints have been filed but they do not seem to want to improve conditions there. Manager does nothing -- this is a heavily used gym... in 100degree weather the a/c was not working in the gym and there was no notice put up about it and members were lied to when ask about the heat in gym most equipment not working some have signs some do not club needs to be completely remodeled or new one built it's really a poor reflection for 24 hr - also corporate needs to be aware how many people are being allowed in this gym with no membership HELP!!!

i've been going to the mall 205 location in portland oregon for 3 years and even tho Rusty the manager and staff are great, the facilities are really shabby, a few of the machines are in fact broken, showers are dirty and tonite i just came from there and there was no soap in 4 of the showers and the other 2 soap dispensers were broken. on top of that the spa was broken. asked so many times when the remodel will occur and all i get is "soon'. Last few days there's been a police car in the lot as there was a locker breakin on 17th june so things are not good at all at the moment . Just wish that corporate would get their act together and start to remodel the place .

Does anyone at 24hour Fitness Headquarters actually READ or ever RESPOND to any of these posts? Is this page just for members to vent and then be ignored? I have communicated with my local gym, and with the new "survey' site, both of which have no interest in responding to, or dealing with any issues.

"The Carrollton, Texas gym on Trinity mills and Frankford is the worst in all DFW area, they have bad customer service, the front desk manager sits there and gossips with the other front desk employees as soon as any members walk through and check in. " this sums up the exact attitude of the management of this large local gym. There is ZERO response to customer service issues.

Hi Branden, Friendswood/Parkwood Location I regret to inform you that I have canceled my gym membership within my 3 day right to rescind. We spoke about my son helping me out with my first workout. You explained that he would get a pass to be able to do that with me. Turns out my son has a life time membership with 24 Hour Fitness so that wasn't necessary. My son, my sister and myself entered into the gym and did 1 exercise and were summoned to speak with Freddy as he signaled with his index finger for us to come to him at the front desk. His demeanor was matter of fact, and informed us that my son was not to assist in training us because he's got 12-15 personal trainers that he must look out for during this economy. He explained that we could all workout together (do a few reps with us) but my son was not to train us. That's a fine line and certainly not justified in loosing a customer and future personal training sessions. As I recall our conversation consisted of the following: The necessity for him to help me on Saturday was due to my workout schedule will begin at 4:00 a.m. during the week. The fact that I would get a personal trainer but after a 2-3 week period to get my body used to working out. I'm 44 year old woman and don't care to share my health concerns with anyone I don't know or trust like I do my son. This was a one time show and tell for my son, which I made clear to you that I needed before I signed up for my membership. This request was agreeable to you so I did sign up. The fact that I called on Tuesday to set up an appointment for Thursday with no mention that the $29.99 monthly dues expired on Wednesday and was not informed so I had to pay the $34.99 dues. Had I known they expired Wednesday I would have set my appointment on Wednesday. I explained to you at that time that we were already getting off to a bad start. You responded with this question, "You had a bad experience somewhere didn't you?" We discussed why I had not joined a gym and my terrible experience with 24 Hour Fitness 10 years ago. You continued to explain how you had been with the company for 11 years, how the policies that were in effect at that time were not good for business and how the company addressed those issues and made appropriate changes. I agreed to the $34.99 because you told me that I could reduce my rate when another special came up because policy was to match. This could have all been avoided if staff members would not have jumped to a conclusions. That fine line about just workout with her at the same time, is nothing but appearance sake. And for who? The personal trainers? Here would have been a great time to practice the old motto: You can get more bees with honey than you can vinegar! Strike up a conversation. Find out what the situation is, become helpful and inviting, give us a card. For crying out loud this would've been my 1st free session anyway. Being friendly never cost a dime. This was pointless! Awareness, intellegence is key in any sales situation. What an opportunity lost! A loss no one else feels more than I. No one even appeared in the slightest to be helpful, much less friendly. This is my second horrid experience with this company. You had 3 customers upset and walk out the door today. I will not take this lightly and plan to forward this letter to your District and Corporate offices on Monday. This was pointlessly shameful. This was something I was really looking forward to! Teresa

LA Fitness managers premote Sexual harrasement to patrons. You call to talk to a manager and are told that NO managers are ever available... Not a good thing. I do not pay for a membership for any of my family members to be sexually harrased if I wanted that I would frequent a construction sight in a bikini bathing suit.

I work out in The Woodlands Tx. and like many of these people I have the same problem. The trainors steal wieghts and put them in there area. When working out on a machine if you get up they will sit on it or just lay there stuff on it. Most of the trainors are over wieght and really don't care about anyone. I was wondering why I am paying almost $70 for me and my girl friend just so that we can be treated like trash. This gym used to be excellent before the managers were switched around. The previous manager was not a trainor amd made the trainors actually do stuff. Now that the manager is a trainor no one cleans the bathrooms! I remember using the bathroom and aeeing a bloody booger on the wall for 8 days! I mean come on I pay for a nice gym and I get a piece of crap! I seriously doubt anyone in the corporate office gives a crap I mean look at all these poor comments. If they are doing something then help the gym on lake woodlands!

I will be closing my membership today due to the very intrusive fingerprint check in scan!!! This is not a FBI building.... it is a gym and you have no right to scan my prints!

I can't believe that 24 hour fitness is one of the best gym and it has really bad employees and managers. All you supervisors and managers see what is going on in your clubs.

After a long day, the one thing I like to do, when I finally get a chance, is sweat a bit to relax. Sadly the 24 hour fitness in Allen, Texas has a very rude zumba instructor by the name Marcel. As a teacher I get asked a million questions by my students daily. When a question is asked, a simple answer or a respectful conversation should be normal. This instructor has a very rude way of answering any question. I don’t know if this has happened to me because I’m Hispanic and maybe she is a bit racist, or if she is this way with other members, but instead of having a great workout I went into a lion’s dean where relaxation was but a far away dream. I still have hope for that gym since every other staff member has been courteous and very nice. This instructor Marcel does gives the gym bad name!!!

I have been a memeber for 9 years.The Scottsdale location is very nice.The Gym equipment needs to be updated!! The Trainers here are exceptional..especially My Trainer Mallory Fox.She is the TOP Trainer and has tremendously help me and others.I wear BodyBugg and love it.Some of your management employees are not fitness people and should not attempt to sell what they don't know..especially when looking at them..where is the inspiration!! FIT PEOPLE need to work and SELL Training and good health!!!!!

There is a trainer called Pete. An ex military guy thinks who is management and enforces the law on himself.. This guy needs to go and because of him a lot of people have left 24 hr gym.. He makes life a living hell .. This guy needs to go... Coporate office should not higher a trainer who becomes management and takes on the positon of more responsibilites. You have other staff for that..

Your yoga classes in texas are the best with great and i mean great teachers like sarah m. linda d. and rachelle m. thankyou so much

the store 349 in atascocita tx has several peaces of equipment that are broke or not working properly.....worse gym ive ever been to tried to contact corperate office no luck even getting anyone on the phone/.........i think 24 hour doesnt care about the people who pay for there membersip.....just terrible

The 24 fitness at Irvine Marketplace Super sport club 884 how the rudest sales manager I'v ever seen in my life, he took his name tag off the second I complained, I believe his name is Drew, the club was great, insanely nice, women beautiful, but the guy there that is the sales manager needs to be fired, I have never seen a corporate professional talk to potential customers like they are dog shit, a guy so sarcastic, with defensive body language, trying to put people down like that, it is a joke to have a person like that working at a company like 24, its people like that that gives 24 fitness a bad name, what a great club turned into dirt by one guy, its laughable

Do you people really give a shit about members? Obviously not! You have managed to cancel spin weekend classes for the Broadmore 24 hour fitness in Colorado Springs CO. I am so fed up with this. I hope you close this facility so Gold's Gym will take it over and treat customers like they care

The decision has been made to cancel the Saturday morning water aerobics class at the Arnold, MO location. We were told by the manager Jason that he was the only one we should complain to since all complaints would end up with him anyway. Since we started complaining we are now hearing that the Wednesday everning class is also being cancelled. This doesn't seem right or fair. Does it?

I am from colorado spring co and HATE This gym. I signed up and being new to all of this went with a personal trainer-whom I love. When I signed up for the trainer like most I did installments. At first things were great then I got sick and needed to move my first installment now comes the problems. So they told me one date but pulled the money early-10 days early. I was refundedbut only after talking to the fitness manager getting nothing then speaking to the site manager. Being told all future installments canceled I thought I was in the clear. Nope ten days after being told everything canceled another payment comes out leaving me yet again in the negative with NSF charges. Whoo hoo love it! Called spoke to another manager who says nothing was pulled then eats crow when actually looks at my account but will not refund the NSF fees for the withdrawal or the NSF fees to come while waiting for the refund- up to 15 business days. BEWARE! The facilities are dirty, employees rude and they are unhelpful. Save your money and look elsewhere.

Is it legal to ask for your fingerprint each time you go to the gym? I think it is an invasion of privacy. I am having a lawyer check into this as I will not submit myself to giving my fingerprint for identification when I have a membership card that they can scan.

I would like to complain about the music being played at your 24 Fitness Store, located at 7905 Walerga Road, Antelope, CA 95843. They were playing Rap music between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM with lyrics about drugs, sex, and killing people. It was offense to me and I complained to the manager in charge. She said that that kind of music was people requested. I don't think so, because this was the first time I have ever heard Rap music in this store. With children coming and going to the children care center I do not this is appropriate for them and like I said it was offense to me. Could you please check into this situation and please no longer play music to exercise by that has lyrics like what was played. Frank Little - FrankLittle2003@Yahoo.Com - (916)764-0397

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