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The 24hour fitness in Chino Hills California has poor response from other paying members. Most if not all the treadmills are slipping. Been hearing other members talking about how they almost fell and mentioned to the staff. This was about 4 months ago. 24 hour fitness staff never fixed anything. Been asking for the club manager Greg or Craig, but they said he's at lunch. And about 3.5hrs later he's still at lunch. The very next day at a different time I have ask for him, and they said he's at lunch. In about 5hrs later I showed up back at the gym and ask for the club manager and they again said he's at lunch. Wow what is going on at this 24Hr fitness in Chino Hill California? And to add more, the hygienes, housekeeping, and maintenance are not at club policies. How can I get a hold of Corporate? Thanks...

Why does some staff hate Itilians, and Jewish people, I've noticed blond women staff snickering at customers who are Itilians or Jewish. These employees are so full of racism why are they in a job where they do not want to be? Why do they put down the CEO of 24hour fitness? Racism has closed many businesses with this economy being unstable, so why not re-train bad risk employees on customer service, and explain to the employees how they are getting paid in exchange for excellent customer service, and not bad service.

My husband paid his membership dues on October 24, 2011, 2 days ahead of the Oct. 26 due date, at the NRH, TX, 24 Hour Fitness club. We have the receipt showing payment. For over 2 weeks now, we have received daily, and usually twice a day, phone calls from your 1-888-900-3194, telling us he needs to pay for his membership. I called the 888 number a week ago and spoke with someone who said she would clear up the problem and put a "do no call" in the system. And we continued to receive calls. I called the NRH club on Friday the 4th, where he paid his dues, was told by a female manager that the problem was on their end, and she would fix it and put a "do not call" in the system. We continued to receive calls. Monday I went in to the club, with the receipt, talked with the same manager, who again said she would call and fix the problem. We got another call that night, and again this morning. So, today I called your 1-800 member services number, as well as Chuck, the NRH club manager, was told again they would fix the problem. Guess who just called?????? I guess my only recourse is to complain to the State Attorney General's office, the BBB, and the FTC Maybe SOMEONE out there can get this fixed!!!!!!!!!

The 24 hour fitness in the castro in san francisco has been without air for weeks now. It's absolutely suffocating!

October 17, 2011 To: Mr. Carl Leibert; C.E.O. 24hr Fitness and Management at 24hr, Down Town Sacramento Re: Great Employee Representation Sir, This writer has been attending 24hr Fitness facilities throughout the Continental United States for quite some time, and have been exposed to many of the organization’s employees. I know none personally, and neither has there been fraternization. On behalf of many of the members who consistently uses the “wet area” at the facility location of 1020 7th Street, Sacramento ,this writer would like to thank you the Facilities Technician Haley James. We have marveled at her working presence, and have often wondered among ourselves, “How does she do it all by herself?” Ms. James’ talent in foreseeing possible problems and thereby adding to the continuum of a pleasant experience is in itself relaxing. In addition to having great interpersonal relation skills by listening to our selfish needs at times, we have never seen this employee of yours not being on the move in double-time. We thank you for this no-nonsense expert in whom we’re pleased. Respectfully… Richard A. Wellington

Regarding "James" posting 2/8/11 I have had the identical experience. Member since 1997, never missed a payment and have not participated at a club since approx 2000. Heard of the McCarland Settlement and inquired with membership services thinking a member in good standing would warrant the opportunity to upgrade inspite of the expiration. It is disappointing that after these many years of subscription without attendance my request could not be accomodated. I believe I was on that list and for whatever reason the notification never made it my way. This is a wrong that needs to be made right!!!

Since Zumba classes attract quite a number of mature adults 50 years and older, why not offer a time slot specifically for this age group? I come to Folsom gym in Sacramento and I always see about a third of older people that are regularly attending classes with the very young active people but cannot keep up with the pace. In fairness to everyone paying the same amount of dues every month, give them what is due them in return.

I have gone through the same humiliating and harassing experience EVERY SINGLE YEAR of my membership since it became 24 Hour Fitness when it comes to my renewal payment. I have again also been locked out of my online account and tried resetting it through your so-called customer service with no luck. I am out of options and cannot renew my account which is due mid October of this year unless correction are made. Years ago when you were Family Fitness, I signed a membership contract which included 5 other 'family' members at one flat rate of $96.00 a year. That was a great bargain back then. Then, within a couple of years, you became, 24 Hour Fitness, and my contract was 'grandfathered' in, so the terms stayed the same. However, shortly thereafter I began to experience renewal issues EVERY SINGLE YEAR which required me to write, call, and/or speak to foreigners who don't understand what I'm saying or are pretending they don’t. They are unhelpful and uncooperative as well. Each year that I receive my billing in the mail, people are missing from my account. I'm guessing it's in hopes that I will give up the great deal I originally received and instead pay your newer expensive and elaborate prices for a new contract, or that I will get so frustrated that I will just give up my membership altogether. Each year it seems there is a new ‘scheme’ where I'm told that you accidentally cancelled memberships on my account and then make me jump through hoops in order to reinstate them, even though you have received and processed my full payment into your bank. This year is no exception. All but 2 memberships were unilaterally cancelled, without my knowledge or consent, and I was billed for only myself and one other family member. I called once again, and spoke with someone named, Haley #T1533, whose supervisor she said was named Shawn, although I was never allowed to speak to him or her and she said no last names were allowed by company policy. I asked what happened to the rest of the money that I had paid last year, and she just said it will be applied to future payment for the 2 remaining memberships. I explained again as I have each year that that is an error on YOUR part and that that money should have renewed all memberships on my account. I’m not sure why this is such a difficult concept to grasp, given that the billing should remain the same each and every year. . I have endured these same 'games' every year, in spite of the fact that each year I'm guaranteed that the problem has been completely resolved, and your representatives 'insist' that everything will be fine in the future. That's a lie! I have been refused any opportunity to speak to a supervisor or to be given any other contact names or phone numbers outside of this (non existent) customer service unit. It is disgusting how you treat long loyal customers like dirt. This so-called customer service rep then hung up on me. I am now left with no recourse, no options, no phone numbers, and no alternatives to appeal to a higher source. It's an outrage that 24 Hour Fitness has deteriorated to this. The $96 I send in each year should be applied to my entire account and for all 5 memberships of my account per my contract agreement. I have 'never' requested any changes or other arrangements be made. The money I sent last Oct. 2010 should have been applied in this manner and as I was assured last year on the phone that it would be. All the ‘so-called’ customer service rep. needed to do was to correct YOUR error by reinstating the memberships YOU cancelled without reason or notice, and give me back access to my online account for future payments. No further burden should be placed on me for your errors. It’s very sad that the quality of your organization has diminished to this level and that your customer service is as I’ve described, is non-existent. I have located many other similar ugly experiences online at websites other than your own while searching for this website. In summation, if satisfaction cannot reached in this matter prior to the expiration date of my membership, I will be forced to take further action/s outside your company's venue. Even as I send this, I fear this complaint will be placed with the same unconcerned so-called customer service unit I spoke with on the phone who hung up on me. -October 04, 2011.

Liars, Crooks, Filthy Atmosphere. No customer service whatsoever. You're lucky if you find someone who speaks English, but even then, they probably won't understand what you're saying if you use big words. The staff at most clubs are rude to members. The non-existant customer service is ruder still. They will not respond to real complaints and give you no avenue to persue. If you write, they will not respond, if you call customer service and are lucky enough to get an English speaker who understand you, they will not help, nor will they allow you to speak with anyone else. If you call corporate headquarters, they will give you a patronizing speech and then tell you anything to get rid of you, before completely ignoring anything you told them. This is the worst run company on the planet. The sad part is that it used to be a great place to relax and work out. I guess it's all about 'them' now and their corporate greed, and screw the customer.

I'm a 24 hour member in Round Rock, TX and enjoy taking the group x classes. The only problem I have is the two Zumba classes back to back. Why is this? Would you have two Body Pump or two spin back to back. I will answer that question "NO".

This morning I was @ the 24 Fitness I went to my vehicle and another member ask me if this was my car ? I said yes and when I saw the car my driver side window was shattered. I then open my trunk to get my purse to call the police and it was gone. I went into Upland 24 Fitness on Foothill Blvd to speak with the staff they did not even offer to call the police. She filled out a form and I requested to speak with the Manager, she said he does not get involved with those matters. I was shocked @ her answer. I waited about 45mins for the police to show up and during the whole time I was out there about 1 hour 45mins. NO ONE from 24 Fitness came out to see what happen. The officer stated that this has happened several times and 24 Fitness does not care!!! 24 Fitness has no idea what is "Customer Service" and I need to find a new gym immediately!!! 24 Fitness your company makes me sick!!!

PERSONAL COMPLAINT: AMATURE TRAINERS AND STAFF PERSUEING /LOBBYING THEIR AMATURE SERVICES TO PAYING MEMBERS: I have been an active member for 16 years now.These "trainers" follow me into the locker room ,the lavoratory, and blatently attemt to sell me their services, while interupting my workout. Between 2 locations,I have ,in an assertive fashion asked nicely to have this discontinued.The personal training manager has been rude and insensative to my request(s).I have now asked 3 times,but they continue to attemt to sell me their services while I am on the floor working out.I will persue this.I have also been subject in years past to a double billing scam to my Credit Card, and I am tired of being the victum to this system.MEMBER'S BEWARE!!

Well i guess our little club in Hillsboro or finally gets a new exterior paint job! Yeah too bad they're spraying at "prime time" on a Tuesday, as you enter the front door the smell really works. Maybe once they get the outside looking all spiffy they will, oh i don't know-work on the inside. You know little things like bars, since u kinda need em. Perhaps machines from the 00's. Maybe some pre-cors that actually have the handles in tact, kinda crazy bout that whole bacteria thing. Well I shouldnt complain too much our pool does have water and the employes for most part are in fact nice, but does seem like corporate just doesn't give a flyin-Frick if you happen to go to a club in let's say less than well to do area. Oh yeah seems all damn clubs around us are either brand new or recently updated or new. Guess I could travel, but why? Hell I'll just shut my mouth and be great full the lights are on! Sincerely yours Jason!

I have belonged to 24 hr. fitness club for several years now. I work out mostly at the gym in Apple Valley in Victorville Ca. I went there this morning (8-2-2011) to work out and I brought a friend who was looking for a gym to join to start working out. She filled out a form at the desk and a "councelor" named Adam was taking us back to his desk. He asked her for her I.D. I told him I had told her not to bring anything because she was my guest and I had I.D. and was a member. I told him I would get my picture I.D. He said that was would not help, she had to have I.D. It was a long way back home so I said "Well, I have been a member for a long time, maybe I will just cancel my membership." Adam immediately became infuriated and said "YOu want to cancel your membership? Alright, come on let's cancel it right now! Come on Let's cancel your membership!" I told my friend, "let's go, this guy is scary." We left. Someone like that with a hair trigger of a temper I don't believe should be trying to help the public. They are the kind that would just pull out a gun and shoot you like happens so much in society. My friend said, "Well, I don't want to join that gym with employees like that." And I do want to cancel my membership now, there are many other gyms around. Elizabeth McGulpin

I'm a member of 24 hour fitness in Roseville. we have had problems with= the maintenance of the women locker room. the showers have mildew. som= e heads don't work well and the showers don't drain well. Sometimes on= e has a hard time rinsing the feet even wearing flip flops. We the members, keep telling the people at the reception desk but we do= n't see any changes and this is our last resort. We will greatly appreciate your help in this matter. Thank you 24 hour fitness women members.


I broke my ankle three weeks ago while working with a trainer on a bosu ball. Corporate has not called even after I have left numerous emails explaining the injury. What kind of gym is this? Broomfield Colorado

The 24 hour fitness in Frisco Texas (Preston Road) is horrible. Very poor ventilation in the upstairs cardio area. Two fans and that's it. West windows make it very hot in the Texas summers. It just heats up the area. In addition, they only have two fans for the entire upstairs. Half of the cardio equipment doesn't work properly. 80% of the fans on the equipment do not work. In addition, there is always a TV that is out. There are not enough hand sanitizers in the facility. The equipment is filthy. I have yet to see anyone clean equipment. The dust is an inch thick on the ceiling and you can see it in places that are never used. Nasty. I am seriously considering switching facilities. I really hate this place.

I have made several complaints about the Upland, CA Facility about their T'V's not working and they still have not fixed the problem and apparently do not care about their customers. I purchased a three year membership and very unhappy with the local Facilities and Corporate does not bother to even respond! I would never recommend this Gym to anyone and been trying to get a refund for my Membership and after several letters, emails and calls still no replies to anything. If anyone is reading this and thinking of joining I would say to go to another Gym NOT 24 Hour Fitness!

My husband and I have been going to the Jones Road and 1960 24 Hour Fitness gym for two years. During that time, we have seen it go down hill in quality. The picture slide show on their site shows a clean hot tub with clearly marked lettering on the inside of the tub. What we have endured for the last two years is mold on the concrete at the edge of the tub, undistinguishable lettering inside the tub, frequent cloudiness of the water, and the water is tepid in temperature at best. One day it is hot the next it is room temperature. I am tired of going to relax and getting a nasty experience. We also go to the pool often. The water this summer is freezing. I love cold water, but this water is so cold that I have to hold my arms close to my body instead of exercising them just to be able to manage staying in the pool. I mean the whole time! I only get to work my legs! My husband and I pay over sixty dollars a month to be tortured. I bet you would never tolerate this type of neglect in a gym you use often. I cannot tolerate it, either. Also, the workers never come in to check on the pool, hot tub, steam room or dry sauna while we are there. It would be so easy to put some chlorine bleach on the mold around the hot tub and scrub it clean, listen and respond to the concerns of the paying gym users and actually warm the pool up so it is usable. We have been told they keep it that cold for people training for the Olympics. Excuse me , but the majority of people who use the pool are elderly and use it for therapy. They used to have a pool aerobics class, but canceled it. Frankly, I am tired of getting into a freezing cold swimming pool, a filthy cold hot tub and getting no results when I complain to the person on duty. I am not given the managers number when I ask for it and I am frustrated because this gym is very close to my home and I used to love going in the beginning when the maintenance was kept up. The only positive thing is that the shower water is hot and I was able to wash off the slime from the hot tub....yes, I said and meant slime! If I do not get a positive response to this letter and receive a change in services, I will be forced to contact the Board of Health. It is a health hazard, and not safe. Several of my friends have also complained numerous times and gotten no response. Eagerly awaiting your reply, Suzanne R.Pierce (Williams)

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