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I have been a member at 24 hour fitness for several months although I have not been able to go because of I had the shingles for 9 weeks and then was out with phewnephonia and today I went in and wanted my wife to work out with me and they wanted to charge 15 dollars and I said no way and got into it with management. they can keep 24 hour fitness, I will go somewhere else.

I signed up for a lifetime membership in 2004 at the Lance Armstrong 24hr Fitness in Tigard Oregon. I paid for my membership all upfront and I had a $24.00 a year fee. It had been a few years since I was in the gym but always paid my membership when I got my statement. I had a great deal only $24.00 a year. Last year was a hectic year and I didn't realize I didn't get a statement in the mail. I never got a past notice, email or a phone call letting me know I was late on my payment? I tried to use the gym this week and they said I was terminated. I don't know why I didn't receive a statement? I tried to talk to the persons in charge at my club with no luck?? I have posted on my Facebook page what has happened to me and several people have had similar issues. One friend was also terminated and 6months went by but somehow she was reinstated ?????? Another person told me her boys membership were terminated before the date of payment????? What's up with this breach of integrity with this company and the inconsistency????? I just wanted to have my lifetime membership back and workout!!!!! I think everyone should know about the scam that 24 hr fitness is doing to the consumer. They must be hurting for money? To not send out your statement so you default on your contract. Now they want to offer me there new deal of $250 initiation and $40 a month. NO WAY!!!!!!! I'm not paying another initiation fee and a monthly fee. THIS COMPANY HAS NO INTEGRITY!

The new Super Sport openned off Balboa Rd in San Diego. Not only are they charging new members $65 dollars a month they are trying to charge current members with all access memberships additional charges. The manager SIMON is the worst manager I have ever dealt with. My boyfriend broke his akilis tendin over the weekend. He literally crawled to the front desk (NO EMPLOYEE CAME TO ASSIST HIM) He asked for a cup of water and the front desk clerk said he would have to purchase one. When I called to complain the manager SIMON told me he was right next to the water fountain!!! What happen to customer service? If you are paying that much a month to go to that gym and they have no FIRST AID, ICE, ECT and their customer service is horrific what the hell are you paying for? To wait a hour to get on equiptment? I will never set foot in the gym again.

My friend and I go to the 24 hour fitness in Sunrise Florida. We have the most wonderful and caring instructor for the water aerobic class . Her name is Jenny and she deserves 10 stars. She gives us a great workout and we have so much fun in her class because of her enthusiasum. I have been to other water aerobic classes and no one compares to Jenny because she loves what she does and it transmits to us. Aquatic Bootcamp is the best.

use to be a member of the 24 hour off of college grove in san diego i had my wallet my gym bag and keys etc.stolen i have never seen a sorrier case of common courtesy for management or care for a customers care of his belongings this is a sorry excuse for a gym they let anyone in and dont care about customers welfare or well being I am so upset as well as appualed at 24 hour fitness that i will never ever become a customer ever if u have any questions regarding this situation u can call arturo at 6196468179 i will not recomend 24 hour fitness to anyone it makes me feel that 24 hour fitness dont cre about people

First Question - Does anybody at 24 have a business degree? Why you ask? Well, you close the Post Oak(Houston) location, which was once your flagship location, with at least a dozen spin classes a week. But, you add no additional spin classes to the surrounding clubs. All of which have spins classes that are already oversubscibed. Who decided not to add additional classes? Seriously, I've attempted to go to surrounding club spin classes 5 times and every time its been full. ADD FRIGGING CLASSES! You've got a club on Voss with a nice spin room, but offer 5 classes a week. Three of which are at 6 AM. Add nightly classes and at least 2 weekend classes. That would be a very easy way the relieve the pressure. The Galleria(Richmond Ave) classes were always full before you closed Post Oak, now its impossible. I arrive today at 9 for the 9:30 class, its full....crap, ok how about the 10:30? its full?, Really? Add an 8:30 class! or even 7:30 AM class. The damn club is packed. The Sunday class will be way over subscribed also. How about you add classes to your location on Westhiemer? You've known about the Post closing for a long time, why wasn't an expansion plan in place at the surrounding clubs to prepare for the closing? I simply do not understand why you do not add classes? All I can think is that you are cheap, unwilling to provide enough classes for your membership. I am seriously thinking about leaving, which is disappointing because I've been a member over 10 years. To top it all off, since I can't get into spin class, I try the rowing machine....it broken! That sucks, I will tell the manager to make him aware. Hello, front desk, where is the manager? There is not a manager here right now. Hahaha, how frigging perfect....

I currently attend a 24 hour fitness in Boynton Beach, Florida and I'm extremely displeased with the staff of that club. I was working out with my friend, or as they call it "training" my friend, and was stopped midway through our circuit by a personal trainer saying "you can't train here." Let me clarify, i was working out with my friend not training him nor getting any compensation from him, i was simply explaining the work out, motivating him, and waiting for him to finish so that i could start my set. A few unpleasant words were exchanged between he and I, and before i knew it, i was being kicked out of my gym and threatened to have the cops called on me for "trespassing." It's a great gym but the staff is very disrespectful to their members and are extremely superficial.

This review is for the Grossmont 24hr Fitnees in La Mesa,California. I can't begin to tell you how mis managed a club could be. It has gone through 4 to new managers in the past year. The staff is very rude and lazy. Not to mention the bathrroms in the upstairs area. I don't think it would pass inspection from the health department. I really don't think 24hr fitnees even cares about the members its all about the money. They have gone downhill! I have had alot of people join this new club called Crunch I understand its pretty nice.

The club in Chula Vista at Broadway has the worst costumer service, specially talking about a person call Christina,she is really rude and arrogant! shame on her self!!! the club is also very filthy. And the Manager will not do anything about it! TERRIBLE!!!

I need to make a note to the corporate headquarters for 24 hour fitness. I think you are going to lose members when they find out the Gold's Gym offers a free Kids club and your gym does not. I love 24 hour fitness but my husband and I like to bring our daughter with us. My friends and family members use Gold's Gym because their childcare is free, and their membership dues are cheaper. What gives? I think I will be switching to Gold's Gym unless they plan to change this soon.

Over a year ago I signed up my family of four for a 24 hour fitness package. I was offered a deal to sign up my 2 sons and my husband in a special deal that would permit two people on each deal, saving us a total of about $ 40.00 per month. I personally signed up my family and have been paying for the membership with my own credit card. 24 Hour Fitness has no option to cancel a membership online,instead, there is a phone # to call with limited hours (M-F, 9-5) in which to reach them. I am 99% certain the call center is not in the USA. That said, when I was finally able to reach them (long wait on hold, so had to make a few attempts), I was told I could not cancel one membership because it was under my husband's name. As I am the one who opened the memberships and have been paying for them on my personal credit card (additionally, my husband NEVER used his membership), I was shocked to hear that I would not be allowed to cancel the membership without him personally calling in to do so. I argued the point that he not only didn't open, use or pay for his membership, but that as the ONLY person who was physically present and responsible for paying for the membership, I should be allowed to cancel memberships that I opened and have been paying for. I finally spoke with a supervisor (after attempting to solve the issue with two different phone reps) and after explaining to her the situation (after arguing the point), she gave me assurance that both memberships would be cancelled and gave me a reference #. I asked her specifically if it was all taken care of and got her assurance that I didn't need to do anything else. Now I am getting calls from another call center of 24 Hour Fitness CONSTANTLY. Most of the time when I answer the phone, no one is at the other end, except for a few minutes ago when I hung on the line and I was told that one of our family memberships was not cancelled. After telling them that I was told it was all handled, they insisted I was wrong. So, I asked to speak to another "supervisor" who told me the same thing. I am SO upset. What a scam. Beware- when it comes time to canceling your membership, expect to jump through flaming hoops.

personal complaints and suggestion Location Buena Park 24 hours fitness8430 On The Mall Buena Park, CA 90620 (714) 236-1800 1. Install Suggestion/Rating drop box so members can give suggestions and rating input. 2. “20 mins allowed on treadmill/stairsmaster during peak time” rule is not being observed. Staff should walk around and remind members of this rule during peak time. Create sign-up sheet in front of machine. 3. Pins for weight machines should be locked to machine. Too many pins are missing on weight machine. 4. Free weights/dumbells are all over the place and missing. 5. All Ab-bench should be bolted down to floor. People stack weight plates to bottom. Too many weight plates around it. Easy to trip over those plates (safety hazard) 6. Many treadmills/stairs master are broken over and over again after being fixed. Maybe time to replace with some new equipment. 7. Cleaning crews should wipe down all machines daily and remove graffiti. Health issue. 8. I’ve been a member here for over a year now and I have never seen anyone clean/scrub down the men’s showers. Mildew can be seen on ceiling of showers. Health issue.

There is 500 applications per 1 Job opening in Lancaster, Ca. Hopefully the 24 hour Fitness worker are aware of this, and Take care of their jobs. So many other people are waiting for a Job available. the gym id always dirty, spa Jacuzzi always dirty and the filters are filthy. Sauna filthy, towels every where. and as for the Steam Room, they say it is on a timer, well somebody is controlling it because is goes off when it gets very buy. This frustrates most of the members who come to the gym for Specifically for Hydro therapy in the Jacuzzi. the Attitude of the workers, they act like we are disturbing them, when we tell them that any thing is broken or not working.

Dear 24 hour Fitness, I have been a member for 10 years at 24 hour fitness in Colorado Springs. Overall, it's been a good experience and I'm grateful. But one of the newer clubs on North Academy Blvd and Chapel Hills in the Springs has a problem about the image it leaves with customers, specifically, the basketball court. For five months, five lights directly over one of the baskets remain out. It's dark. Not to mention dangerous. And, above all, it makes the 24 hour Fitness appear indifferent and careless about their image. Five months is a long time to not replace five lights. I don't blame the staff; they seem sympathetic about the problem. Any suggestions? I'm thinking of joining another gym in my town.

I workout at the 24hr fitness Sport in Oceanside, Ca. I have been a member there for about 6yrs now and I have seen a problem that has become progressively worse over time. The big draw for this particular center is the basketball gym and its the worst gym I have ever been in. The gym is initially flawed due to its design. There isn's one highschool, college, or pro gym in the world with ZERO windows or some type of air flow. This place has become a suana! The floor gets slippery after just and hour of playing due to the condensation with no air flow. Guys are falling all over the place and there have been many minor injuries over the past 3 weeks. I have reported this to the managers and nothing has changed so far. Their only way off attempting to fix the problem is closing the gym! Thats not fair to paying patrons that only attend this 24hr fitness because of the basketball gym. I personally know 40 members that come to play basketball and they will all leave if they aren't afforded the opportunity to play. I guess the only thing that will make the differance is when people start suing! There are all types of lawsuits waiting to happen!

24 hour fitness, is with out a doubt, the worst club I have ever belong to. Their front desk people are the meanest, rudest people I have ever met. I tell any body that will listen, if you desire to work out in a club that is packed, extremly filthy,and you deal with rude and arrogrant employees,constant broken equipment, oh did I mention how disgustently filthy the clubs are? Lets not forget how helpful customer service is, dealing with them reminds of dealing wih Peggy in the credit card commerical. I tell everybody and any not to join 24hr. fitness. If you what a real eye opener check out ripoffreport.com or google lawsuits 24 Hour Fitness. The good news Ballys Health club went under and soon there will be no more Blockbuster,keep doing what your doing 24 HOUR FITNESS!

I do my workout at the one inthe galleria houston tx , and i had complain about the swimsut thing the dryer thing to dry the swimsuit And is been 5 months the dryer dont work and i talk to the manager and he just dont care ! I think they need to replace the manager for some one who cares the job !

I had signed up for the $599 package. Turns out I encountered a few unexpected bills so I immediately canceled my membership. The money took a while to be refunded to me. In the interim, I went online to check prices of a 1 year membership. I attempted to sign up for the $199 1 year membership but the 24 Hour Fitness web site continually advised me I had entered an invalid home address. I submitted my information using my fiance's home address, then tried again using my work address to no avail - each time the 24 Hour Fitness web site stated it was an invalid address. By the time I was able to reach member services, the rate had increased to $249. No one in member services was willing / able to grant me the $199 rate. On 3 separate occasions, I have asked 24 Hour Fitness member services to either: Refund my money for the 6 outstanding personal training sessions I have remaining, OR grant me the $199 rate so I can continue training. Time to get assistance from the Better Business Bureau!!

I have had a lifetime membership for my wife and I since 2005. The annual fee is $49 per person to renew. This year I received no bill for renewal and just called to check on the status of my account. Turns out they reverted our address in their computer system to an old address from 5 yrs ago and sent the annual bill to the wrong address. They are now assessing me fees/penalties for not paying on time. If anyone else out there has encountered this problem please post. If there are other instances of this happening we can argue that this is a common problem and possibly get an attorney to sue them. Thanks for taking the time to post if this has happened to you.

your setup is a basterization to the fitness world as a whole. you are , and have nothing legit!... you are the rot, and ruin to the true fitness world. you are the perpatraitor... and traitor to many ... tooo many hate you... too many hate you! you are thu mc dss.. anz walmart of fitness... you are publis enemy nummo uno!! ya boooyee!! tell it like it is.. no science behin nothing.. you try too pump and dump chemicals.. ans trash into my boyez bodys.. your bio mech is way off.. you dish your trainers.. and screw ther on there time and pay... whats up hole!! you need to be busted or what..!! the revo is comin hole.. the rev is comen ..belive that!! t mann dont play..! later..

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