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Your facility at 1600 Adams Ave in Costa Mesa is so GROSSLY mismanaged I can't even believe it's still open! No toilet paper or seat protectors in the womens bathroom for 2 days even AFTER having complained to the manager about it! Also last week there was feces on the toilet and the floor in the single upstairs bathroom and after informing the front desk about it nothing was done and after an hour, I reapproached the girl at the desk and demanded that they close the bathroom until SOMEONE could get around to cleaning it! This club is an absolute nightmare and after reading all these "stellar" reviews of the other clubs, I called the Dept of Health and was told that they get several calls each week regarding the filth and disrepair of the 24 Hour Fitness clubs, so how is it they are still in business???

Hi Ray, I'm sure I read something a while back about a heltah club chain in Sweden (I think it was) which was offering free membership as long as you attended at least once a week, but as soon as you missed a week (apart from for illness, possibly) you had to pay for that month. Sorry I can't find the reference. Interesting, though!

i love my membership at this gym. my only comnalipt is that when i go, in the middle of night, there is always this gay dude lurking in there making me feel very uncomfortable. not that i really have a problem with gays, honeslty I dont like to be around people at all, thats why i like this 24 hour gym, but when he is the only one there when i go in and he is using the same area as i want to use it really freaks me. most of the time if he is the only one there when i pull up I jsut go home

ask them to honor your contract or refund your money. Its their mistake

POS 24 fagness. liberal. you are the terroist to the fitness world worst gym ever came to amercian soil. pack it up. we all hate you. ;) good riddens. boy cott. boycott. boycott!

Absolutely loved 24 hour when it was run by Mr Mastrov and the boys!! Gone down hill since he sold.

you 24 are an exortioner , a thief , a lier , a charlatan , a deciever , and a child of the devil. you exploit the poor , the unfortionite , you keep back the hireling wages by fruad. and the lord will destoy and tear you down. your time is soon coming to a violent destruction. fire , blood, and smoke. our prayer are ever against you. the day of vengence is at hand. you will not inherit the kingdom of heaven. soon you will burn in the lake of fire. repent change and amend your ways. reconcile to all you have wronged. i will crush your lawyers, and confound them. i will send them into derision. i am am doing this now , and will continue to send you evil.. you have cast down my people. now i will show you my terror. your country us you call is not my way. and i destest it. you children have fallen to error. now i will do this. you have learned the way of the heathen. i will make your feet like iron and you head brass. i have allowed the distant enemy to defeat you. an crush your pride. thus saith the lord of host, my hand is not to short and i will perform this. and the stiffneck people who i favor i lead out of egypt , you didnt listen to moses, you didnt listen to abraham, or my son jesus. i will judge you 144 thousand on that terrible day. i am recording this now . you are that people who practice deceitfull ness. and workers of inequity. you say you are jews, but you are the synagouge of satan. i christ hate your ways. i the lord jehova. i will perform my word. i have spoken.

Is there anyone from corporate visit the facilities in California????? serious health and safety problems, all this became a regular routine to 24 hour fitness? why for the last three years 24 hr signed more new members hire more sales people and the maintenance and safety goes down the toilet. Due to my business i visit lots of 24 hour facilities, we all members talk about !!what ever happen to the regular payroll!! employee worry about the maintenance of the facilities rather of the use of trainers, front desk, sales personnel, equipment manager, we members became victims of poor service, parking facilities are really bad, many parking tickets harassment by other facilities tenants to many members, prime time from 4:PM to 6:30PM impossible to do a work outs, there is so much confusion with aerobics workouts there are long lines all way from the street to the main entrance. SAFETY: will 24 hour fitness care about members safety???? there is always a serious problems, for the pass 10 years no one from 24 hour care about the old rules, stack your weighs when done, no bags, brief cases,no chalk sand to use on equipment. Lately is worse then ever, there are lots senior citizens, wheel chairs, and yet new rules are allowed on the work out area, to use 12ft ropes, metal chains, 24 hour is indicating that this equipment is fine to use regardless the safety of members, in fact the 24 hour trainers excuse is that home office approved that members are allowed to bring this equipment, and for trainers to use the same. SO WATCH-OUT for your safety you are under your own RISK, this are not part of members agreement. i love to hear a reply and the liability concerns of 24 hour risk insurance carrier awareness of the potential law suits for punitive damage knowing that is hazardous to members and 24 hour remain on the site lines knowing that they are able to correct the problem....guess what ALL WE MEMBERS ARE LIABLE and eventually we already paying for this careless of 24 hour Fitness.

I've been a member of 24 Hour Fitness for over 12 years. I have visited many of your facilities all over the USA. Your Antioch facility is not only filthy but the equipment is either out dated or broken. Today over six treadmills had repair signs on them. The staff is very friendly and I do not blame them. I do blame management for letting it get so bad and corporate for not visiting. As a business I would be ashamed to take peoples money and allow your members to be subjected to such horrific conditions. Less than 15 miles away the Sunvalley Mall facility is well kept with new equipment working saunas clean restrooms and working drinking fountains. If not for the longtime friendships I have made with other members that I workout with I'd be somewhere else. I knows you are an enormous conglomerate and my few hundred dollars a year are like pennies but sooner put later it will effect you. Remember even Rome fell. Thanks Briyan

I attend the gym in Sacramento ((24 Hour Fitness in Citrus Heights. )))This “”New”” Gym is horrible. I was working out with my girlfriends as often as I could……………. Yesterday July 5. 2012, I get a call for a “job interview”.( I DID APPLIED FOR A FRONT DESK POSITION)…… Today July 6, 2012 when I went in for my “ job Interview” the manager tells me that I cant NO longer “train’ or help my best friends with the exercises, and if I get caught doing that again they will cancel my membership . I DONT HAVE A CERTIFICATE ON PERSONAL TRAINING AND I DON’T EVEN GET PAID TO HELP MY GIRLS !!! How is this even possible !!! I did not know its illegal, in this FREE country to work out with my friends at a gym where we all pay for !!! THIS IS NOT OVER !!!!! excuse my typing or my miss spelling, but I’m really MAD right now.

Where do I start, been a member for 15 yrs, and have watched the gym gradually go down hill, but more in recent years. First of all, they don't want to run the AC like they should, so everyone is miserably hot, water fountains never cold, bathroom is always disgusting, weights are NEVER properly racked, staff could care less about anything but bs ing, benches likely never get cleaned, equipment seems aged well past its due date - especially treadmills from 2004? These things are so rickedy, people they get used 24/7, they have a shelf life! I could go on and on, but forget it I will be switching to LA fitness soon..

24 hour fitness should be ashamed to put its name on the gyms in Colorado Springs. The equipment is so old it's a joke. Not only old but most are broken. Do you ever visit these places?

Well, not sure if this will be printed as I see only wonderful, and awesome reviews about 24 hour fitness. I just wanted to share what my experience was. I joined 24 hour fitness and bought a 3 year membership from Costco for $350. I worked out and the people and facility was great. But, the rules of 24 hour are not good. Let me share. After buying my membership, I moved to the mountains of Toulome county. I discovered that there is NO 24 hour fitness anywhere out here. Not even in Sonora which is the closest town. So, I called and wanted to give my membership to my son. Keep in mind I have only had this membership for 3 months! My son would greatly benefit from this. He is a College student with a small part time job. He loves working out, but cannot afford the cost of joining. I was told that 24 hour does not do that. They do not transfer any membership to anyone else, no matter what. OK, if that is the kind of "word of mouth" they want, then I will give it out! So, I guess my $350. is out the window and 24 hour is enjoying my money. I feel a good reputable fitness center should do anything they can to keep their members serviced and happy! I will never be apart of 24 hour again.

I have been 24 Hour Fitness member for 30 years. All of a sudden at my club on 3650 Austin Bluffs, Colorado Springs, Co the music level has become unbearable. Not only is the music selection horrible, but now the music is so loud and annoying that I find the whole atmoshpere to be poor. I can't even think to keep count on my reps. 24 Hour Fitness must realize that they have members all of age groups and races and gender. If we don't like the music, at least it should at a level that is tolerable for all members in the club. I have complained about this to front desk, and they say the office is locked where there is access to the controls.

I was introduced to 24hour Fitness from a friend who was a member. I signed up in 2004 and paid up front $599 and have an annual fee of $49. At the time this was the highest membership in Sacramento. In 2011 one of the fitness center changed over to a Super-Sport. When I wanted to workout at the newly club, I was told that I had to pay $10 to workout or I have to upgrade. I was outraged at 24hour new policy. I also encounter this in Hawaii, a club I once went to on many occasions. This is what I called greedy corporation, when they can't keep their part of the bargin. Yes, it does cost extra money for them to redecorate their club and added a towel service. (WTF), I rather use my own towels, all I want to do is to workout. Many of my friends who got grandfather in don't even workout there. What and how they did it..it's unknown to me. I hope that someone who experience the same problem can create a Class Action Lawsuit. If anyone wants to join, let's all get together and fight these greedy corporation.

For anyone who has kids, do not ever take your kids or friends to 24 hr fitness anywhere! For six years I have been going to the gym with my father, who has been always training me from day one. The guy who even set up my membership up said my dad could train me. My father even has always paid all the membership fees and he does not even work out with us just trains. So today, I was working out with my father and this manager, of Lewisville tx, 24 hr fitness came up to my dad and I, and asked " what are you two doing", I responded working out. " you can't have a trainer", umm we have been doing this for six years, " we'll this is our policy". I responded, this is bullshit, I'm through with 24 hr fitness. All she said is " okay that's fine". The managers name is Lovey Rodgers, she has the poorest customer service. People like her will run company's like 24 into the ground. Never go to a 24 hr fitness again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could give the Magic Johnson 24 Hour Fitness in Los Angeles, CA less than a "Poor" I would. I have been a member for a couple of years and the place sucks. It's very dark. Not sure why that is. And equipment is always broken. I mean always broken. The water fountains are broken, the women's supplies machine in the bathroom is broken, the hand dryer in the women's bathroom is broken. It's always so dirty in there also. I wonder if Magic Johnson has ever stepped foot inside that place. He should make a pop visit one day. To see how the place looks. He should also let this staff know that the members come first. I cannot tell you how many times I've been in there and the staff behind the counter doesn't even greet you. They are so busy talking amongst themselves that they don't even notice. Totally unprofessional. And whats with all the standing around. Maybe if they would pick up a broom or sponge and clean the place wouldn't look and smell so filthy. Don't get me wrong, i know it's a gym but this is beyond that. It's just awful.

Has anyone from corporate visited the Colorado Springs gyms recently? The personnel are great but the machines are from the dark ages at one gym, from the middle ages in another gym, and almost acceptable at the third. Please come visit and update equipment. I have been a member for 20 years and recently moved to CS. What a disappointment in the clubs here. Help!

I attend Sacramento Area 24 Hour gym and my primary gym is in Citrus Heights. This New Gym of 5 to 6 years is horrible. The club Manager has little fat man syndrome and he walks around with a bad attitude. I'm constantly being harassed by him and his staff when I'm training with a group of membership paying friends. Because I'm in great shape and the staff look like they just finish eating at an all you can eat buffet, they bug the hell out of me. Your policy on grandfathering member into an all club gym that has been changed to a Super club sucks big-time. Any member that join a converted Super Sport Club should be charged the Super Club rate not your existing all club members that had access to that club before the conversion. The Citrus Heights club is so dirty especially in the wet area. I'm contacting Call 3 this week to have this location investigate by the health department.

I moved out of the area in January 2012 and cancelled my membership over the phone...got billed in February on my credit card statement so called again and was told they had no record of my cancellation. They said they would cancel, but could not refund the charge for January. Again in March I got a charge on my credit card bill - called again and was told there was no record of cancelling and they would not refund the charge - I insisted on speaking to a manager and cancelled AGAIN and demanded a confirmation number. AGAIN on my April credit card statement was billed! Called in with the confirmation number, and was told that it was only to cancel the credit card being used, not the membership!!! I cancelled for the fourth time, got a different confirmation number for that, told them I was filing a complaint with the BBB and writing the corporate office (good luck getting that address) where the operator then hung up on me. PLEASE file complaints with BBB and corp office if you have this same problem - this is what I consider fraud!

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