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I have been a member of 24 hour fitness for years now. I go to the club on 39th St. in Independence, MO and it is absolutely ridiculous how crowded it is all the time. It is impossible to get into a class, get on a machine, or on a treadmill. The parking is unbelievable, you have to park far away from the gym to get a spot. This is a problem that needs to be addressed soon or I will no longer be a member and I will encourage other members to do the same.


I utilize the Super Sport Club in Northridge, Ca. I have been a member of 24 Hour Fitness for more then 12 years. This location is fairly new. I workout 4-6 days a week. My best friend who I convinced to join works out 7 days a week and pays for a trainer. EVERY single time we go to the location at least one stall in the ladies room is not working. This past week it has been two stalls. This facility is packed to begin with and to have 2 of the 5 stalls not working is unacceptable. The showers are pitiful, my best description would be Chinese water torture. For the life of me I can not justify the current condition of the ladies facilitity considering the revenue that is made in membership fees. Add to the fact that they are filthy. I've also noticed a leaked in the ceiling above the weight machines. That had been there for at least two weeks. I attempted to speak to someone on your sales team tonight. She said she was aware of the issues and that they were short staff. Again I wonder where the membership dues go and why we should subject ourselves to.substandard conditions.

no wifi, why

In to days society with mostly every person thats in one view on a daily basis..Why. is there no WIFI in the clubs? NOHO Burbank,Northridge, ect..every member has a cell phone..There's cable tv all around, where's the wifi?

class being cancelled

I am very upset about the cancellation of the Yoga class in Baytown, TX It was not the instructors choice, it was a decision by GroupX Instead of cancelling the one class we had...more needed to be added to the schedule. There were plenty of participants in the class...

24 hr fitness in Pearl city

I am upset with the fact that there is a man dressed up and made to look like a women works there and works out at the gym I've asked the other employers of the gym of his gender and they all say the person that is dressed up as a women and looks like woman is intacta man he works out at the gym and takes showers in the same shower my wife does if this does not get taken care of I will sue your company and take this to the media this person calls himself kawena.

Quoted one price and charged another

In my area, 24 Hour fitness caters to the fire personnel, advertising in the local "Grapevine" magazine (LAFD Members Periodical). When I called to have my regular membership transferred over to 24 Hour Fitness Sport in Northridge I was quoted $36.99 over the phone by "Corporate". I thought, great you are keeping your written word in providing for those who service your local communities. I only keep minimal funds in the account they drawl the funds from and I have been wondering what's been happening to my account. Well the quote of $36.99 has been deducted at $59.93, $54.99 and again for $54.99. Misleading the public. Fraud. And I will be contacting the Firemen's Grapevine Magazine to let them know just how 24 Hour Fitness serves the fire family.

Dirty pool in annapolis

I've been trying to get 24 to clean the crud out of the pool for 3-4 months with no results. I've talked to the manger , and reported it to the district manager with no results, I went there in Sept and had a sinus infection for 3 months. The pool management company certainly is not checking it.

your call is important...but

don't call because though they tell you how important your call is to them, they still make you wait 30 minutes or more. Oh! don't email either, they tell you on their website that email responses will be delayed due to high volume. Either they need to hire more help or they have too many complaints against them.


Santa Clarita location . As a staff member almost all machines are broken and outdated to the point members are going to get hurt . Replacing machines seems cheaper than a lawsuit . The machines are so old they do not accommodate obese clients and that's discrematory ! Mirrors are broken everywhere and the front windows are not tinted in any way so during the summer I've seen several clients nearly pass out during their training session . This gym is completely unsafe ! Please do something to fix this !

24 Hour Fitness Orlando

I joined exclusively for the basketball court, as I know many do. There has been a light out in the gym for almost a year now! Not only is it unbelievable that it hasn't gotten fixed after 10 months of complaining by multiple people, but the staff can't give one unified answer as to why it hasn't gotten fixed. I've gotten a hundred different reasons about a "schedule" or how they need a machine to get the light put it. Overall it's ridiculous and I'm considering leaving the gym along with all my friends because of the lack of customer service.

This is in regards to the recent flooding of the basketball court in El Cajon Calif. The repair of the floor was one of the worst jobs I have ever seen. The floor was patched leaving sticky parts on the court as compaired to the smooth unkempt areas. If I had a multi million dollar facility or for that matter a million dollar house I would not do a mickey mouse repair. All I know is you guys are one ACL tear from getting sued. This court had thousand of gallons of water raining on it and you do a patch job?

Honestly, they DO need to repair and sanitize almost everything at the one i go to (sherman oaks)

I Have only been a member for a year but recently at the gym my car window got broken out and every thing was stolen . i know its not the gyms fault but i when i reported it to gym they said it always it always happens. the next day i tried to cancel my membership and the gentlemen gave me hard time and hung up on me. when i reportef to police department they said that the 24 hour,fitness i worked out at isnt as bad as the other one in hermosa beach. if this is a problem why doent 24 hr fitness get camras in parking lot. There are many women that work out there they should be.safe. Im very disapointed in the customer service

24 hours in san jose ca located in Hillsdale and rose av. This club is kept cleaned at all times. Once I witness a member losing councious while working out. the manage in charge Dana and her staff acted so quickly in getting this man help. this man got cpr from a club member and Dana. paramedics and ambulance showed up almost immediately. some members and I were so impressed with the quick responce. also, I hear a lot of good comments about Fred the maintenance guy. he is always running around fixing machines keeping the jaccusy cleaned and the swimming pool. I remembered once he asked me. why do you guys prefer to pick a certain shower. I told him the shower head was better than the others. he wasted no time and replaced them all brand new. this guy is a real hero of this club. keeping this club safe clean

Alexia is not aware of the legal issues.In fact if the Manager knew about her assisting her friend in the work-out class it should have been disallowed. Injury to anyone in the class because the Instructor is not licensed is trouble. Either the Manager was not aware of this and when told he wanted this practice stopped. If I were the Manager I would not employ this girl, because she and her friend had ignored company policy. In fact I would have fired the friend who allowed her to assist her, as she also must have read the fine print.

Well ... lets see. I have been on and off with 24 Hour fitness for several years. I lived in Garland and went to the Super Sport gym by Town East Mall ... I moved to Carrollton and started goin g to Trinity Mills . When I came in to renew my membership from a PRIME account that I had set up through my insurance with BCBS , the attendants that day were young. I came in joking and laughing but the conversation quickly turned inappropriate. I didnt say to much because the kids at the front were young maybe 18 and 19 .. Im 29. So I just let it slide. So Today I look at my bank account. GLAD I DID. They charged me 3 times for monthley dues. Over drafted my account and I had already paid my dues on the 5th. They werent even due til th enext following month. So I call up to the facility to find out what happend. I spoke with Eric Hood. Now Im already upset when he gets on the phone. Normally a manager while talk the client down to difuse the situation .. but this jack wagon just dug his own grave. 1. He interupted me while I was talking . 2. He tried to justify the charges that were for someone elses account. 3. He hung up on me. ... Now .. I wont sit here and lie and say that I was nice because I wasnt. i was irrate. I was yelling and I cussed. BUT .. it would not have even gotten to that point had he just listend to me and not rebuttled everything I said. So... I call back after he hung up on me. Then all of sudden he says he found the problem. Said it was our fault. We will refund your money . And I said you will pay my over draft fees as well. He agreed then offered a free month of service. But you know honestly after being treated that way and then being told I was right and they were wrong really chaps my hide.This was really enough to make me want to just quit my membership . I was driving 30 minutes out of my way to go to Just Fitness. Maybe I should take my money there. At least there the people were nice. The Trainners ARE EXCELLENT . I have never been treated so good at gym before. So JUST FITNESS is really where you need to be . AND after 2 years your membership is completely FREE . 24 Hour Fitness just cant compare. So sad too because I really used to love 24 Hour. Their service has just turned to crap though. Im not going to pay them to be treated like trash or talked to like Im some random stranger . Its a business. RUN IT LIKE ONE.

24 Hour should be ashamed of its lack of health standards. Dirty bathrooms, floors have not been cleaned and this is where we use the mats to work out. Personnel have been rude at all locations I use. What is this huge rip off of changing a club to a super sport by just adding a towel service you have got to be kidding me. Once my membership is over I will be going to another gym.

I am a member of 24Hour and have been on an off for a while now because of the deplorable conditions of their gyms in central California. I have worked out at 24Hour facilities up and down the state, and I have been satisfied with their gyms. The primary reason I have remained with 24Hour is because they offer all-club access, and it is convenient for me. What I very disgusted about is the current conditions of the 24Hour clubs in Bakersfield, California. The gyms are outdated, inadequate, and plain simply disgusting. I don't know what 24Hour is doing to amp up their gyms. It may be that they are maintaining their status quo until another fitness corporation, such as In-shape takes over Bakersfield and drives them out. I wish 24Hour would take more pride in their Bakersfield, California gyms and would make things better for their customers. Bakersfield members pay monthly dues just like any other member does. Why should we have less of a gym quality? 24Hour should be ashamed of itself.

Who do I talk to about my complaints

San Jose, Sept 14, 2012 To Whom It May Concern: Dear Mr. Sergio R. Insuasti: Thank you very much for your email regarding to the 24 hour fitness capitol/McKee offer to be the membership. I have visit the fitness center yesterday for an hour with my 3-days pass and today I have come back the fitness but I have not been allowed to get in for the work-out. I feel very disappointed and exhausted to be treated by the front desk associate, his name tag is Noel. I believed his very bad attitude and unprofessional care that shows the worst customer services in general and will give the bad image to the entire 24 hour fitness business. I have made a 20 minutes trip to the fitness and I have to get back home with my friends (your fitness members). Because He does not let me in, even I already show to him your email, and explain to him that I have gave my-3days pass to the other association in the first meeting. They took it and asked my ID for 3 minutes to enter in the system. I am sure that my name and ID already there. Today I just go back and show my ID. Mr. Noel said: “he could not find any my name or ID o n the system”. I also want to know why the 24-hour fitness staff took my ID and used my ID information for what purpose? I want you to find out this problem, and why the 24 hours fitness center in San Jose California has that kind of fallacious services to the customers. Yours Sincerely, Kenneth Phan 408-930-1040 KLYPHAN@aol.com CC: Yelp Face book, San Jose Mercury News, Viet Tribute, San Jose-Santa Clara Asian Community, Sai Gon Nho Managine, Trieu Thanh Magazine and China Morning News.

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